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Bench Perugia  - Benches & Stools- Jansen Furniture

Bench Perugia

Product Code : 33947
Dimensions : 140.00 cm. 45.01 cm. 86 cm.
  55.12 in. 17.72 in. 33.9 in.

Product Details :

Bed bench as part of the Louis XVI inspired Perugia set. Hand carvings of ribbons and rosettes on the rail and tufted seat. Matching vanity 33946, mirror 33945, stool 33948, 33959 dresser, 33958 mirror, 33924 bed and 33925 night stand.

Specifications :

Accents:NF11, No Accent
Fabrics:005C, 021C, 027B, 053D, 067f, 076F, 077F, 081E, 082F, 083F, 084G, 086B, 088D, 090C, 091F, 092F, 094G, 095G, 096G, 097E, 098D, 126E, 127E, 133E, 134E, 135F, 137E, BK, Calico, CC